Format of Receipts and Payments A/c to be furnished by the insurers on direct basis
  (Rs in '000's)
Cash Flows from the operating activities:  
Premium received from policyholders, including advance receipts  
Other receipts  
Payments to the re-insurers, net of commissions and claims  
Payments to co-insurers, net of claims recovery  
Payments of claims  
Payments of commission and brokerage  
Payments of other operating expenses  
Preliminary and pre-operative expenses  
Deposits, advances and staff loans  
Income taxes paid (Net)  
Service tax paid  
Other payments  
Cash flows before extraordinary items  
Cash flow from extraordinary operations  
Net cash flow from operating activities  
Cash flows from investing activities:  
Purchase of fixed assets  
Proceeds from sale of fixed assets  
Purchases of investments  
Loans disbursed  
Sales of investments  
Repayments received  
Rents/Interests/ Dividends received  
Investments in money market instruments and in liquid mutual funds (Net)*  
Expenses related to investments  
Net cash flow from investing activities  
Cash flows from financing activities:  
Proceeds from issuance of share capital  
Proceeds from borrowing  
Repayments of borrowing  
Interest/dividends paid  
Net cash flow from financing activities  
Effect of foreign exchange rates on cash and cash equivalents, net  
Net increase in cash and cash equivalents:  
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the year  
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year  
*Investments in mutual funds where these are used as parking vehicles pending investment are to be indicated (net).