Name of the Insurer: General Insurance Corporation of India Date: 30.09.2021
Sl. No. Office Information Number
1 No. of offices at the beginning of the year 10
2 No. of branches approved during the year NIL
3 No. of branches opened during the year Out of approvals of previous year NIL
4 Out of approvals of this year NIL
5 No. of branches closed during the year NIL
6 No of branches at the end of the year 3
7 No. of branches approved but not opened NIL
8 No. of rural branches NIL
9 No. of urban branches 3
10 No. of Directors:-

(a) Independent Director   2
(b) Executive Director   2
(c) Non-executive Director   1
(d) Women Director   2
(e) Whole time director   2
11 No. of Employees
(a) On-roll:
(b) Off-roll:
(c) Total
(a) 491  (b) 006  (c) 497
12 No. of Insurance Agents and Intermediaries
(a) Individual Agents,
(b) Corporate Agents-Banks
(c)Corporate Agents-Others
(d) Insurance Brokers
(e) Web Aggregators
(f) Insurance Marketing Firm
(g) Motor Insurance Service Providers (DIRECT)
(h) Point of Sales persons (DIRECT)
(i) Other as allowed by IRDAI (To be specified)
         Employees and Insurance Agents and Intermediaries -Movement
Particulars Employees Insurance Agents and Intermediaries
Number at the beginning of the quarter as on 01.07.2021 505 -
Recruitments  during the quarter 0 -
Attrition  during the quarter 14 -
Number at the end of the quarter as on 30.09.2021 491 -