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rank-16Ranked 16thLargest Global Reinsurer Group(compiled by A M Best)


Half year ended 31.03.2022

Half year ended 31.03.2022

Disclosures - Non- life insurance companies
Form No Description
NL-1-Rev-Acc Revenue Account
NL-2-B-PL-Acc Profit & Loss Account
NL-3 Bal Sheet Balance Sheet
NL-4-Premium Schedule Premium
NL-5-Claims Schedule Claims Incurred
NL-6-Commission Schedule Commission
NL-7-Operating Expenses Schedule Operating Expenses
NL-8-Share Capital Schedule Share Capital
NL-9-Pattern Of Shareholding Schedule Shldng Patt. Sch.
NL-9A-Shldng Patt. Sch. Pattern of Shareholding
NL-10-Reserve And Surplus Schedule Reserves and Surplus
NL-11-Borrowing Schedule Borrowings
NL-12 & 12A Investment Schedule Investment Schedule
NL-13-Loan Schedule Loan Schedule
NL-14-Fixed Assets Schedule Fixed Assets
NL-15-Cash And Bank Balance Schedule Cash and Bank Balance
NL-16-Advances And Other Assets Schedule Advances & Other Assets
NL-17-current Liabilites Schedule Current Liabilites Schedule
NL-18-Provisions Schedule Provisions
NL-19-Misc Expenditure Schedule Misc Expenditure
NL-20-Ana Rat Analysis Ratios Schedule
NL-21-RPT Related Party Transactions
NL-22-Receipt & Payment Sch Receipt & Payment Sch
NL-23-Solv-GI-TA Solvency Margin (FORM IRDAI-GI-TA)
NL-24-Solv-GI-TR Solvency Margin (FORM IRDAI-GI-TR)
NL-25-Solv-GI-SM-TABLE IA Solvency Margin (TABLE IA)
NL-26-Solv-GI-SM-TABLE IB Solvency Margin (TABLE IB)
NL-27-Product Product
NL-28-Stm. of Inv Assts Statement of Investment of Assets and Statement of Acc. of Asset
NL-29-Debt Securities Debt Securities
NL-30-Details of NPAs Details of NPAs
NL-31-Stat. of Inv and Inv. Inc Stat. of Inv and Inv. Inc
NL-32-Dwn Grd Inv Dwn Grd Inv
NL-33-Reinsurance/Retrocession Risk Concentration Reinsurance/Retrocession Risk Concentration
NL-34-Geog Dist Bsns Geog Dist Bsns
NL-35-Qtly Bsns Qtly Bsns
NL-36-Chan Chan
NL-37-Clm Data Clm Data
NL-38-Development of Losses Development of Losses
NL-39-Age Clm Age Clm
NL-40-Underwriting Performance Age Clm
NL-41-Office Information Office Information
NL-43-R&Social Ob R&Social Ob
NL-44-Motor TP Ob Grievance Disposal
NL-45-Greiv Griev
NL-46-Voting Activity Voting Activity
NL-47-Performance HI PA TI Performance HI PA TI
NL-48-Health Services Health Services

Ranked 16thLargest Global Reinsurer Group(compiled by A M Best)